Gloria. A Woman’s Portrait from 1980s to the Present

Recently I realized the photograph for the cover of Gloria, the new music single by Maurice Noah feat. Glo Ria. A rework of Laura Branigan’s pop hit, which in turn was an English-language cover of the song of the same name by Italian composer Umberto Tozzi – both great successes in the 1980s.

Music: Gloria by Maurice Noah vs Glo Ria

New music single Gloria by Maurice Noah vs Glo Ria. Cover artwork by Matilde Soligno.

The author, Maurice Noah, describes the peculiar story of the song and the times it was born in:

Summer 1982. The unusual friendship between little Elliot and ET the extraterrestrial moves crowds of viewers from all over the world. Tom Selleck speeds down the roads of Hawaii and on CBS screens as Magnum PI. Commodore 64 bursts into the market with great success, while the very first CD players begin to be sold in Japan.
At the same time, in the US Laura Branigan’s new summertime single Gloria rushes into the Billboard charts as a remake in English of a song of the same name by Italian composer Umberto Tozzi. The remake loses the song’s original romantic mood to become the study of a problematic character, “a girl who runs too fast for her steps”.
Laura Branigan’s single will gradually reach the top positions in charts from all over the world, and will be certified as platinum in the United States.
31 years later, the song is now been resumed in an EDM key by dj and electronic music producer Maurice Noah, featuring the voice of emerging singer Glo Ria.

Here’s the video. Enjoy!

New dance music rework: Gloria (2013) by Maurice Noah vs Glo Ria

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