Melampus live to present album «Ode Road» with new label Locomotiv Records

Melampus, first human being endowed with prophetic capacity and healer, saved two snakes. As a sign of gratitude, they licked his ears and made him capable of understanding the animal language. These suggestions gave birth to the ethereal wave duo/band Melampus, that took its first steps in Bologna, Italy in September 2011.
The band members are visual artist, painter, tattooist and bass player Francesca “Billy” Pizzo (voice, guitar, piano, percussions) and photographer and drummer Angelo “Gelo” Casarrubia (drums, drones, loops).
“Ode Road,” their first album, was recorded at Locomotiv Club, Bologna, with Giovanni “Vanni” Garoia and Emanuele “Nene” Baratto in May 2012. Album artwork by Francesca Pizzo.

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CDs and vinyl records are available on request, you can contact the band or buy online at Audioglobe
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The following photographs were taken at Melampus’s performance and “Ode Road” album launch at Locomotiv Club, Bologna in November 2012. All photographs © Matilde Soligno. Album photos and artwork © Melampus.

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