Catalog published for Green Days–multidisciplinary project on art and nature

Green Days is a multidisciplinary project by Viviana Checchia and Anna Santomauro / neon>campobase, based on the relationship between urban environment and nature, and on the possibility to «imitate nature» through biomimicry, applied to the visual and performing arts in a public space.
The project involved four European non-profit organizations devoted to contemporary art: neoncampobase (Bologna/Italy), AAA – Audiovisual Artists Anonymous (Brussels/Belgium), Radar (Loughborough/United Kingdom), Fabrica de Pensule (Cluj-Napoca/Romania).
This final publication includes a presentation of the Green Days project, as well as its preparation (through a series of conversations between the members), and its results, in terms of documentation of the experience, public artworks and practices, for each different location and its related workshop. It also contains images and texts collateral to the project.
The participants in the workshop and contributors to this catalog are: Georgina Barney (artist), Corina Bucea (Fabrica de Pensule), Wouter De Raeve (Dees&Lepage), Jelle Desmet (AAA – Audiovisual Artists Anonymous), Claudiu Iurescu (artist), Vincenzo Estremo (neon>campobase), Enrico Vezzi (artist), project partners and members of Green Days network in Belgio, Romania, UK.
Additional texts by Bram Vanhoutte, Gillian Whiteley, Elena Cologni, Anne Marie Culhane, Saul Marcadent, Olof Soebech.
Images by Matilde Soligno, Francesca Dainotto.
Editorial project by Vincenzo Estremo and Anna Santomauro.

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