Green Days Project :: Workshop in Bologna with artist Enrico Vezzi

After the event made in January, called “What Can We Learn From Nature?,” and after the workshop organized by AAA Audiovisual Artists Anonymous in Brussels, the Green Days workshop was recently held in Bologna by artist Enrico Vezzi in collaboration with Anna Santomauro and the association neon>campobase (Vincenzo Estremo and Gino Gianuizzi).
A three-day workshop (June 24-27) surveying and mapping paths, places and interventions connected to urban green areas and the ecology of spaces and people. The workshop is a step of the research that Enrico Vezzi has carried out in the last months, oriented to the set up of a garden of ideas.
Other participants/project partners/members of the Green Days network in Belgium, Romania and UK: Georgina Barney (artist), Corina Bucea (Fabrica de Pensule), Jelle Desmet (AAA – Audiovisual Artists Anonymous), Claudiu Iurescu (artist).
The whole Green Days project (Art, Urban Environment and Nature) is based on the collaboration with international artists and organizations, as well as on the relationship with specialists in different disciplines (architects, agronomists, speleologists, etc.) working in specific contexts. This practice seems to define the role of art in society as part of a multidisciplinary network, and highlights the unability of art to work autonomously, without getting in touch with the context. [read more]

Biking around the least typically metropolitan spaces of Bologna’s city area, besides being physically engaging, was a way of shifting placement and sight, a search for discoveries. Having to deal with a process, and with an imagery of nature, we moved along our paths towards a possible way of posing questions, developing a discourse.
Nature can be an idea, but it certainly remains a physical encounter. I found visual associations, with an eye for the deceiving, but also traces, and a rising involvement.
We are biological beings with a history, an adaptation, we mutated in an ergonomic process to become what we are in the state called “now”. Still we ask ourselves, despite our limitating resilience, our resistance against change, if we can rethink our genetic code and our projections. Making this experience has been a dense but lightweight frame and an inspiring way to take this challenge, to incorporate new branches and mutations. ::

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