Pornography :: a live audiovisual project

The Pornography project unites four musicians in an audiovisual live set. Despite being all about the performing act, the project uses the reproducible in at least one relevant way. In fact, the band’s atmospheric, soundtrack-like post-rock is counter-punctuated by background projections of movie sequences – a series of short films created just for the show, whose referrals go back to Sixties’ French cinema and intertwine with contemporary aesthetics of low-fi “true” footage of people (women) taken in their privacy, juicily shot by their own webcams, their bodies shown in full frame, their fragility exudated in night shots and small tragedies. Moreover, these movies are not silent: their words and sounds contribute to the musical performance, and are in fact carefully orchestrated to take part in the music piece (but the opposite counts, too). These shows are usually undertaken in elegant movie theaters, where the exquisite visual side of the performance can be fully appreciated.
Given the multi-sensorial nature of the project, making a CD or record out of this experience looked just nonsense. It became clear that the only way to have a recording of the show was to fixate it onto an audiovisual support, and this is why the artist group has just come out with a limited-edition DVD reproducing one of their live sets. The product is as usual well curated on the visual side, including its very cinematography, and succeeds in giving back the temperature and core aims of the Pornography concept: you can have a taste of it in the video published at the top of this page. This might be the first step for the group to start “touring” with the show, which has since now been performed in Italy mainly. Their intentions to go international are well represented by Pornography member and most active promoter Enrico K, who’s now in New York and is starting to look around for possible scenarios where to bring the performance on stage. If you wish to contact him, you can find all the info at the links below.

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