Zootropio :: An Exhibition/Event in Temporary Spaces, November 5-6, 2011


A week-end in temporary spaces

Cadriano (BO) – ITALY

zoetrope [zoh-ee-trohp]. Invented in 1834 by William George Horner, a rotating drum that induced an illusion of movement from drawn or painted pictures. From the Greek words ζωή – zoo, “life” and τρόπος – tropos, “turn”, it may be taken to mean wheel of life. [Definition from Encyclopædia Britannica.]

Zootropio takes place during the weekend of 5-6 November 2011. Besides installations and projections, that will be shown for the entire time of the event, the weekend schedule includes a series of performances on Saturday night and artist/curator talks on Sunday evening, and a series of local wine and food tastings.

Zootropio is born from an urgency towards a spontaneous creativity, that goes beyond the suffocating frame of the market and the social void. The space doesn’t belong to a commissioner. It is a recently built warehouse and will host the event being temporarily vacant as a consequence of bad economy.

Vênus et Milö get themselves involved in art, publishing and design, and have a taste for challenging projects.

Installations by  // Bermuda Triangle, Christian Rainer, Enrico Vezzi, Fedra Boscaro, Francesca Pizzo, Giulia Bonora, Linda Rigotti, Matilde Soligno, Nicole Riefolo.

Videos by  // Anita Koroktov, Canecapovolto, Christian Rainer, Debora Vrizzi, Francesca Amati, Linda Rigotti, Pornography.

Special events  //

Saturday, November 5, 2011. 6PM-4AM

6pm –> OPENING
First tasting of local wine Il Castellazzo
Organic finger food offered by Edizioni Limitate
7.30pm –> Davide Brace ”Bio”
8pm –> Le Ipazie e i Baudolini
8.30pm –> Christian Rainer
9pm –> Melissa Pasut + Andrew L. Hooker ”<<”
9.30pm –> Second wine tasting
Finger food offered by the organizers
9.30pm-1am –> Depech Mode ”The Lost Tapes”
1-4am –> Purple Crew ”Psyngeneer”
With interventions by Anna Palazzi

Sunday, November 6, 2011. 6-10PM

6pm –> Artist/Curator Talk w/ Vincenzo Estremo, Anna Santomauro, Elke Roelant
8pm –> Wine tasting
Finger food offered by Edizioni Limitate and the organizers
Throughout/After –> Martin Recs ”Vinylization”

Part of the exhibition will be on view by appointment until Friday, November 11, 2011.

Partners and Sponsors  // ContaminateNYC, Purple Digital Thinking, l-i-n-e-a-r-o-s-s-a, Edizioni Limitate di Paola e Daniela, SCARTIdiCANTIERE, Dorothy Gray, Osteria Colle Ameno, Euro Glass.

Special thanks to  // Giovanni Brunetto/Teatrino Clandestino, Thomas Corrado, Raffaele Ficaccia, Gusto Nudo, EDI.MAT sas.

Zootropio  // A project by Vênus et Milö
November 5-6, 2011
49 Bruno Buozzi Str. – Cadriano (BO) – ITALY


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